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Zadeldekje - KavalEasy

SKU SKU11902

€ 44,90

VAT Included

Simple, timeless and yet effective: The quilted saddle pad "KavalEasy" is made of a cotton-polyester blend and a soft, sweat-absorbent base material. Due to the polyester content, the saddle pad is very easy to care for, dimensionally stable and non-iron and thanks to the cotton does not lose any comfort. The solid filling and the well-curved back area offer an optimal fit on the horseback. In order to avoid slipping, velcro strap loop and girth loop are attached to the saddle pad.

- optimal fit due to the solid filling and the curved back area
- velcro strap loop and girth loop to prevent slipping
- ideal for embroidery

Further information
Shape: Dressage full
Color: black, brown, dark grey, navy, green, bordeaux, white
Outside: polycotton
Bottom and filling: 100% polyester



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